Flag of Poland 90cm x 150cm

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POLISH FLAG 90 cm x 150 cm Double-stitched, printed on one part of the fabric (not stitched), intense colors. MATERIAL: 100% polyester, weather resistant. Standard tunnel for spar from -/+ 4cm in diameter








The flag of Poland made in accordance with:

The Law on the Emblem, Colors and Anthem of the Republic of Poland and National Seals of January 31, 1980.

  • The flag is made of 100% Flag Polyester of high quality GAT.1 (Original flag material).
  • The material is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - the highest quality standard confirming the absence of harmful substances.
  • Flag stitched with flat, covered French stitching - aesthetics of workmanship and high durability.
  • Original fast-drying flag material with perfectly matched colors, guarantees resistance to weather conditions, dyeing and fading - material dyed already at the yarn level.
  • Material resistant to repeated washing and ironing
  • Each flag has a tunnel for a standard spar.
  • Each flag has a tunnel for a standard flag pole, which does not slip off the pole - no unsightly ties.

Long-lasting use, flag sewn with double stitching with high quality premium polyester thread - Amman 120 (40/2)!

New! Increased UV resistance! - 120g/m² fabric

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