Metal cross-brace

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Metal base consisting of two oblong pieces, when folded having the shape of a cross. For use on a flat or soft surface. Like the plates, it can be fixed with pins. The base can be additionally weighted with a water pannier. The set includes: a flat cross, a pin compatible with all masts from our offer (Ø 16.5 mm).








Looking for a sturdy base for your beachflag?

Our beachflag pole spike is the perfect solution for both hard and soft ground. S

constructed from high quality metal, this set provides durability and resistance to various weather conditions.

Main Features:

  1. High Stability:
  2. Metal construction ensures the strength and secure seating of the flag.
  3. Versatility: Perfect for various types of ground - from hard surfaces to soft grass or sand.
  4. Quick Assembly:

Consisting of two pieces, the base easily turns into a cross for quick and easy installation.

Compatibility: The 16.5mm diameter arbor fits all masts in our range.

Additional Load: Can be loaded with a water pannier for added stability.

Attachment Option: Option to secure the base with pins.

Kit includes:

  • Flat crossbar Arbor compatible with all masts in our range (Ø 16.5 mm)
  • Suggested applications:
  • Outdoor events Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Roadside advertising
  • Beaches and recreational areas

Give your beachflag the stability and flexibility it deserves. Order our Beachflag mast spike today!

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