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Winder, Sail, ready Advertising Barber Shop, Men's Hairdresser
Beachflag - flag advertising system with ready advertising for barber, hairdresser, manicure service establishment, pedicure, beauty, beauty salons. Add your data and logo - fast implementation, personalization of the flag








This impressive Winder Flag with Mast is an excellent choice for those who want to add a unique accent to their surroundings. Made of durable, high-quality material, this flag is not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its unique flag-style design.

The flagpole of this flag is sturdy and stable, made of durable material that is weatherproof, so the flag will look beautiful for a long time. The height of the flagpole allows for excellent visibility of the flag even in a large space.

Winder Flag with Mast is an impressive decorative element that fits perfectly in gardens, squares, terraces, recreational spaces and other places. It adds not only beauty and color, but also expresses patriotism, loyalty or membership in a particular union, organization or country.

Thanks to a simple retraction mechanism, the flag is easy to handle, allowing for convenient use. It is also a practical solution for all kinds of parties, celebrations or events where you want to display your beliefs or affiliations.

In short, the Winder Flag with Mast is a unique product that is perfect as a decoration for all kinds of parties and events, as well as an expression of patriotism or belonging to a particular group or organization. Made of high quality materials, it is durable, stable and easy to handle, making it a practical and impressive addition to any space.

125g polyester

100% Polyester 125g, high quality dense weave, EKO-TEX approved


You can print your beachflag with mast and design it according to your wishes. In order for us to print your beach flag and be delighted at the end, we need a suitable print file from you. All we ask is that you use our templates when creating your print file and consider our specifications for the file. You can find templates and guidelines for our beach flags on our website.


Thanks to their flexible and mobile design, beach flags can be printed and used in many ways. A beachflag with a flagpole is especially suitable for temporary advertising at festivals and events, where it can serve as a sponsor representation or signpost. Beach flags can be printed and used at trade shows as an advertising medium both outdoors and indoors. Companies print beach flags and use them in front of or in the reception area of the office. A beach flag with a pole attracts a lot of attention in front of stores or supermarkets. It serves as a customer stop and conveys many advertising messages and information. The food service industry has also adopted beach flags as customer stops in front of restaurants or hotels.


To properly mount a Beachflag on a flagpole, you need a good beachflag base in addition to the flagpole. You need different floor brackets for different bases. If you put the Beachflag with the pole in the center on a flat surface, you can choose cross stands or bases. If necessary, you can add weight to the stands with a weight. The aforementioned stands can also be used outdoors. Spikes or ground pegs, which can be pressed into the surface, are suitable for fixing Beachflags with a pole on soft ground or snow. Each of our beach flags can be configured with our accessories as needed and depending on the application.


We print beach flags on 115 g polyester, which is UV and weather resistant. Prints on polyester materials can be washed, ironed and exposed to sunlight and wind and will remain unused for a long time. They are also tear-resistant and flame-retardant, which means they can be used indoors and outdoors. Depending on the area of use, sails get dirty in different ways. If a beach flag is slightly soiled, it can be rinsed with clean water. If necessary, beach flags can also be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. It is also possible to iron the flag at a low temperature afterwards. If you handle beach flags correctly and take care of them according to the instructions, you will enjoy their longevity.

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