Banner Catering Ice Cream No. 1

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Reinforced advertising banner. Intense colors and high resistance to bending. Anti-reflective - a new quality in outdoor advertising. Fast implementation. Ready-made design free of charge in the theme of gastronomy, ice cream, waffles, pizza, fast-food, hamburgers, etc. Ideal solution for catering outlets








510g coated frontlight advertising banner. High quality CMYK printing. welding and eyeleting. photo print 300 dpi 1:1 outdoor resistant any width and height very durable.

If you are interested in durable, good quality and at the same time effective advertising - you have come to the right place! Advertising banners are characterized by high quality and high resistance to external conditions.

Advantages of banners: printing with deep color saturation, very lightweight and easy to transport and direct installation, non-invasive - they fit perfectly into the given environment.

Ready-made advertisement

See how simple it is. You upload your logo when you purchase a banner and get your business advertised

Our banner advertising for ice cream catering is not only a visual treat, but also a practical solution. Made of high quality, durable material, it is weather resistant, so it will promote your ice cream for years to come.

The banner is also easy to attach and remove, so you can freely move it around and display it in various places such as terraces, gardens or outlets to reach as many potential customers as possible.

When offering your ice cream, you can be sure that our banner will attract attention not only for its aesthetics, but also for the opportunity to taste a true ice cream paradise. Let your ice cream catering business shine with our unique advertising banner that will create an unforgettable experience and reinforce your brand as the place to enjoy the best ice cream in the area.

Don't waste time and order our ice cream catering banner ad today! Highlight the unique character of your business and attract the attention of customers who are looking for unique flavors and unforgettable moments of delight.

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