Solidarity Flag Banner

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Reinforced textile advertising banner. This banner was specially designed to express solidarity with farmers and their issues during the protests. Its main message is "A wall for the farmer," which symbolizes unity and support for those working in agriculture. The banner is made of durable material that is weatherproof, so you will be able to use it during various outdoor events. Its dimensions are suitable for display at various locations, such as streets, squares or protest fields. In addition, the banner features bright colors and clear, crisp letters, making it easy to see and read even from a distance. It's the perfect tool to express support for farmers and their struggle for their rights and interests.








510g coated frontlight advertising banner. High quality CMYK printing. welding and eyeleting. photo print 300 dpi 1:1 resistant to outdoor conditions any width and height very durable.

Listed price with 1 square meter. Eyeleting in the price, eyelets fi 10mm

If you are interested in durable, good quality and at the same time effective advertising - you came to the right place! Advertising banners are characterized by high quality and high resistance to external conditions.

Advantages of banners: printing with deep color saturation, very lightweight and easy to transport and direct installation, non-invasive - they fit perfectly into the given environment.

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