Advertising tents

The"advertising tents" category contains products related to promoting and advertising a company, organization or event with tents that can be easily moved and installed in various locations. Foldable, portable tents that can be erected outdoors, such as at an outdoor event, trade show, festival or other location, to attract the attention of customers and increase brand visibility.

Promotional tents are usually made of lightweight and durable materials, such as aluminum, polyester or vinyl, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Express tents, aluminum tents, promotional tents, event tents and more.

Accessories such as side walls, tables, chairs and more are also available to enhance the functionality and usability of the promotional tent.


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    Advertising tent 3x3m with printing

    Starting fromPrice zł1,700.00
    Availability: 198 In Stock

    3x3 advertising tent with printing, Event tents, commercial tents, promotional tents with logo, graphics. Quick assembly, stable construction, printing on the full tent cover

    Event folding chair White
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    Event folding chair White

    Price zł85.00
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    Event chair with a very lightweight yet stable and durable construction. The seat and back are made of high quality plastic. Thanks to the folding function, the chair can be easily carried and stored on a stacking basis. Weight 4,5kg

    Folding event table 180x75cm

    Starting fromPrice zł199.00
    Availability: 898 In Stock

    Robust, functional and stable event, catering, food service, commercial table necessary for outdoor events or cultural events. The table top is made of highly durable polyethylene, and the frame is made of strong powder-coated steel. A special locking mechanism protects the table from accidental folding, and rubber pads on the legs from scratching the surface. Despite its considerable size, the table can be folded very easily and quickly, and a special handle makes it easy to carry. With all these features, the offered product will enhance many an event and will serve for a long time.


    Price zł230.00
    Availability: 90 In Stock

    Perfect for banquets, events and trade shows. The top is made of highly durable polyethylene and the frame is made of powder-coated steel. The table folds flat, which makes it much easier to transport and store the product. An additional lock prevents accidental folding, and rubber pads protect the surface from scratches.

    Advertising tent 3x6 m with printing

    Starting fromPrice zł3,200.00
    Availability: 89 In Stock

    Advertising tent 3x6, quick assembly, stable structure, printing on full tent cover

    Event tent 3x6 m, quick assembly, stable structure, ideal for events. It has a full, individually printed cover, guaranteeing exceptional visibility and professional image. Perfect for promotions.

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