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High-quality PVC material for long-lasting use High-resolution digital printing Fire protection certificate B1 Resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions The more banners, the lower the price The number of projects to print does not affect the price of banners The price includes printing, finishing and professional verification of files for printing Durability: up to 5 years








510g coated frontlit advertising banner. High quality CMYK printing. welding and eyeleting. photo print 300 dpi 1:1 resistant to outdoor conditions any width and height very durable.

Listed price with 1 square meter. Eyeleting in the price, eyelets fi 10mm

If you are interested in durable, good quality and at the same time effective advertising - you came to the right place! Advertising banners are characterized by high quality and high resistance to external conditions.

Advantages of banners: printing with deep color saturation, very lightweight and easy to transport and direct installation, non-invasive - they fit perfectly into the given environment.

Looking for an effective way to promote your property for sale?

Our information banner is a great way to reach potential buyers.

Personalization: the banner can be personalized according to your needs. You can add your own text, contact information and a photo of the property. Durable materials: The banner is made of high quality materials, which makes it durable and weatherproof.

Size: The banner is available in different sizes to fit your needs. We can provide the banner in standard sizes or customize it to meet your special requirements.

Printing Features: Our banners are printed using the latest digital printing technology, ensuring excellent image quality and vibrant colors. This personalized informational banner is a great way to draw the attention of potential buyers to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our banners and personalization options.

Customizedadvertising b anners made of PVC Frontlit are premium products, ideal for use in large-format advertising campaigns. This unique material is characterized by exceptional resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation, and is extremely stable and durable.

Frontlit banners, combined with the latest high-resolution solvent printing technology, guarantee excellent visibility of the advertising message even from a distance. With the ability to be used for both outdoor and indoor campaigns, Frontlit PVC banners are an indispensable advertising tool for companies in various industries. The possibilities for using Frontlit banners are virtually endless.

Large-format PVC ads can be mounted on facades, fences, stage structures or simply hung up in urban spaces. They are also used as stage backdrops at concerts and festivals or as partitions at trade fairs and indoor events. In addition, the material meets fire safety standards (B1 certification in accordance with DIN 4102), making it safe for use even in areas with a higher risk of fire. However, when using Frontlite of large size outdoors, it is worth bearing in mind the appropriate wind load and the need to select a suitable fixing structure.

Then it is also worth considering the use of PVC mesh, which is characterized by lower wind resistance and prevents unfavorable stresses on the banner. With these solutions, Frontlit PVC banners will not only be an effective advertising tool, but also a durable and safe element of your company's advertising architecture.

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